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"Bhartiyneer did a superb job of designing and setting up Hotel the ummeid Web site. Throughout the process, everyone I deal with was pleasant, open-minded, and highly professional, and the result of their efforts was an attractive, useful site that fit my needs exactly."

Mr. Praveen Shelly
ED, Hotel the Ummeid

Bhartiyneer offers custom banner design in a variety of formats: Macromedia Flash banners, media rich banners, animated GIF banners.

In an interactive environment, people who see your banners can make a quick, no-obligation visit to your web site or learn more about your business with just a click. Between 7% and 12% of the total time Internet users spend on Web pages is spend viewing ads. High-quality publicity banners are very important for the successful promotion of your website. To make a your banner design effectual there are many steps to be considered like banner size, color use, length of slogan, correct animation and all this need a professional banner designers touch.

A Complete Design &
Production House

We would be happy to talk about how our custom banner ads could help build and improve your online brand. Bhartiyneer can offer a complete range of banner ad design and programming from animated GIF banner ads to Flash banner ads to full-blown media-rich Flash banners that incorporate video, audio and interactive features.



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