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"Bhartiyneer did a superb job of designing and setting up Hotel the ummeid Web site. Throughout the process, everyone I deal with was pleasant, open-minded, and highly professional, and the result of their efforts was an attractive, useful site that fit my needs exactly."

Mr. Praveen Shelly
ED, Hotel the Ummeid

Bhartiyneer can provide your organization with a multimedia presentation which can enable your organization to put across your services/products to customers or clients in the best possible style. We develop Flash presentations or Multimedia presentation on CD ROMs in the best medium to combine sight, sound, motion, and emotion to motivate consumer or business action. It positively stimulates and expedites the buying decision. It has been observed that an interactive multimedia presentation can lay a very deep impact on your target audienceís mind and can help you do business well.

Bhartiyneer can create a multimedia presentation for your company that you would surely find most attractive and very useful indeed.

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It has been seen that 90% of all computers have CD- ROM capabilities. If this is the case, then why not get a multimedia presentation created by professionals like us. We design a presentation well aligned with the nature of your business or services. We design multimedia presentation which can easily capture the attention of your key audience. CD ROM presentations are the perfect platform to help you stand out from the rest. Effective CD ROM presentations can give you a frame that can help achieve higher recall and recognition from your scenario.

Bhartiyneer create a multimedia presentation to go hand in hand with your marketing strategies. Information as represented on the multimedia presentation we create is sure to drive positive results. We have the capability to create a spectacular presentation which is sure to arouse an interest in your customerís mind regarding your products or services.

Bhartiyneer are capable to convert your website, product catalogue, company profile into a well structured presentation onto a CD ROM. We can also design multimedia presentation for new product launches, learning solutions, orientation programs and magazine or periodicals. Bhartiyneer has the expertise to create presentations in a highly professional, specialized and skilled manner. We focus on an intelligent combination of sound, videos and stills. We can take care of your requirements and bring about a creative multimedia design to suffice your business needs.


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